Rhino Linings


Rhino Linings is accredited by all the major motor manufacturers, and is the only lining company to offer a 3 year national warranty.

Spray-applied in a seamless finish, our lining forms an air – and watertight bond to virtually any surface.

Give your vehicle the protection it deserves with rubberising from Rhino Linings. It provides protection against rust, abrasion, impact damage and the corrosive effects of chemicals. Sprayed-on up to 5mm thick in a variety of textures and you are sure to get a lining that suite your taste and needs.

It’s slip resistant surface not only limits damage to your trailer but also your cargo being hauled around. We also offer unique and innovative solutions for insulation and animal transporters.

As it is sprayed on, it can be applied to any vehicle – in fact, almost anything.


Beekman Super Canopies offers a comprehensive range of bakkie canopies for most makes of vehicles – with products for leisure, commercial and courier applications. Beekman’s superior quality canopy products are designed and developed with the strength and durability required for Southern African road and weather conditions – making Beekman the only locally manufactured fibreglass canopy with ISO 9001 Accreditation for adherence to strict design and manufacturing quality assurance standards.

RSI Canopies and Smartboxes

Rock Solid Industries produces award-winning hardtop canopies, toolboxes and specialized solutions for the leisure and industrial markets, constructed of Automotive Grade Stainless Steel.

Rhinoman Canopies

Rhinoman offers aluminium canopies with side opening doors, roofrails and positive airvent as standard.

A range of three canopies are available, nl. Rhinocab, Rhinolite, and Rhino Superlite, to suit every taste and budget

Armadillo Roll Doors

It’s the only Roll-Top able to withstand an evenly distributed weight of 500kg. (excl. Ford Wildtrak T6) That’s equivalent to four grown men!!!

Every Armadillo Roll-Top Cover is assembled by hand using only the highest quality materials. Each stage of production is undertaken with great care by employees who specialise in a particular aspect of the Roll-Top’s construction.

At Armadillo South Africa, local workforce is employed to handle every stage of product manufacture.

Only once the quality inspectors are satisfied with the quality of each individual product, can it leave the factory for distribution throughout South Africa as well as in the UK, Europe, Australia and Thailand.

Tonneau King Tri-Fold Covers

The tonneau KING® soft tri-fold™ tonneau cover is the first lockable soft cover in South Africa, ideal to keep customers contents safe as it is, however our product can be cut to remove contents.  If contents are fairly large our aluminium bars across the frame, can prevent from removing objects.

It is a fully hassle free product for various reasons as no tools & drilling is required when installing this cover and it also fits and removes entirely in seconds.

The tonneau KING® Hard tri-fold™ tonneau cover is a fully hassle free product for various reasons as no tools & drilling is required when installing this cover and it also fits and removes entirely in seconds.

This cover is by far the most user friendly hard cover at the moment and is also lockable with the tailgate lock, ideal to keep customers contents safe

Taunotent Covers

Taunotent offers tonneaucovers for almost every vehicle on the market. A range of covers are available with either  a clip-on or elastic fastening system.

Fitting a tonneau cover not only protects your load, but enhances fuel consumption